East Coast Church is a Christ-centered Community that welcomes and celebrates all people.

For many people, church has become cold, outdated and lacking when it came to answering the main questions of life. East Coast is committed to creating a space where questions are welcome and authenticity is valued.


Many people have a wrong idea of what it means to be a Christian... for years they have found themselves bound by guilt or shame and feel judged by everyone around them. East Coast Church wants to change that. Our desire is to create an environment where people can be free to come as they are and be a part of a community of people trying to find the answers to the questions of life. We don't have all the answers... in fact, we have more questions than answers but we are willing to ask the hard questions.

If this rings true in your heart and you are looking for an authentic community of people to do life with, swing by the Alco Theater this Sunday for our 10am service! 

East Coast Church is an open and affirming Progressive Christian Community.


No Guilt,

No Shame, 

No Judgment

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