No Guilt. No Shame. No Judgement.

For many people, church has become cold, outdated and lacking when it came to answering the main questions of life. East Coast is committed to creating a space where questions are welcome and authenticity is valued.


East Coast Church set out with a goal of creating a place free of guilt, shame and judgment where normal, ordinary people could look into the claims of Jesus Christ to see how we could impact our world in a positive fashion. We decided this could only be done if we were willing to allow doubt to be a reality, embraced all questions and afforded the respect for each of us to disagree, even on “important” topics. 

It’s been a few years now and that goal has blossomed into a reality beyond what any of us could ever dream possible. Today East Coast is a vibrant and healthy community of radically diverse and extraordinary people from every sector of life. Although we strive to live free of labels, I want to share with you some of the labels that our East Coast family have been given so you can appreciate the diversity: married, divorced, single, big, small, conservative, liberal, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, rich, poor, atheist, baptist, agnostic, catholic, Jewish, evangelical, progressive, woman, man, young, old... We say that East Coast Church is a Christ centered community that welcomes and celebrates everyone.

So, if you believe there is something more and a better way to live towards humanity, we want you to be a part of whats happening. We don’t want you to just warm a seat or give money but to actively participate in seeing the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus talked about became a reality NOW. This Sunday is the perfect Sunday to start.

If this rings true in your heart and you are looking for an authentic community of people to do life with, come be a part of our family.

East Coast Church is an open and affirming Progressive Christian Community.