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Nothing has quite the impact on a teenager as an opportunity to get away from the day to day in an effort to discover who they are and who God has made them to be. Beach Retreat 2019 is going to be just that and more! While this will be a crazy fun time, all the while we'll be tying in spiritual principals, with each day concluding with a "meaningful conversations" time and occasional worship complete with life changing, age appropriate teaching.

The theme for Beach Retreat 2019 is "yes." We will be exploring how to embrace the life we've been given to make the most of it, embrace others to love like Jesus, embrace ourselves amidst our insecurities, and embrace God as that which holds it all together.


We will depart Pastor Adria's house at 1:00 pm on Friday, June 21st and head to El Caribe Resort in Daytona Beach, where we will stay until Sunday June 23rd arriving back at Pastor Adria's house by 2:30 that afternoon. The entire time in Daytona will be spent at El Caribe and the hotel's pool and beach. Four adult leaders will be drivers for the trip. A full detailed schedule will be made available to parents prior to the start of the trip.


The cost is $99 per student. A $50 deposit is due by June 1st, with the remaining $49 due by June 15th. This is all inclusive pricing, and students have no need for extra money outside of any snacks or souvenirs. The Registration fee will cover all food, lodging, transportation and entertainment.

What To Bring, What Not To Bring

Each student is limited to one suitcase (less than 9" x 14" x 22")

* Clothes for a 2 day trip (comfortable attire)
* Beach/Pool attire (if your suit needs covered up, cover it up)
* Towel
* Toiletries (deodorant, toothbrush, shampoo, razors, sunscreen, etc.)
* Notepad for journaling

Not Allowed:
* Weapons of any sort
* Drugs or drug paraphernalia 
* Tobacco, vapes, JUULs
* Alcohol
* Valuables (Note: Any valuables that you bring are at your own risk)

Beach Retreat 2019 Registration

Parent/guardian and student participant must both be present when submitting online form